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We are creating something special.

Come along…let’s build a professional association by and for yoga program leaders that really supports and rewards the important work we do. 

Team Meeting

Professional YSSPA Benefits:

  • Annual destination conference somewhere fabulous (yet affordable) featuring important topics by knowledgeable and inspiring speakers, vendors, & sponsors - YSSPs work hard and deserve peer support and community. Must be a YSSPA member to attend.

  • YSSPA: a professional association just for studio owners, schools, and program leaders.

  • YSSPA Newsletter/Blog focused on what is important to YSSPs right now

  • YSSPA Advisory Board featuring some of the most experienced, dynamic, and successful yoga program leaders in the global community.
    Coming Soon:

  • Listing on the YSSPA Directory

  • Discounted Studio Insurance for YSSPA members

  • Resources Directory

Low one-time administrative fee of $98 gets you all this

PLUS optional SAYF Educational Benefits below:

Welcome All Students, Grow Your Studio


As yoga has grown throughout the world, so has yoga related injury. There is an unmet need for basic understanding of human movement in the greater yoga community. There are so many opinions and contradictions on how to approach yoga asana that it can be confusing for even an experienced, educated, and well intentioned teacher or practitioner. Research is limited, tradition is diverse, and experience varies. 


SAYF Training elevates our yoga teaching

& honors every student's practice.

"As a studio owner, before SAYF, I had the choice to either require all of my teachers to train with me (which just didn't feel right when so many had already invested so much in their YTT), or to have too much inconsistency in terms of an approach to teaching asana in a way that is less likely to cause injury.


SAYF is now our standard. Our members frequently mention how, regardless of the intensity of the class, they feel like there are more options and their bodies feel better taking classes at our studio. AND there is less confusion from class to class because everyone is teaching from the same place while still teaching from their own unique style and voice. Members feel the difference and really appreciate it." ~ Flow Studio, celebrating 20 years

Educational YSSPA Benefits - Optional SAYF Training & Tools:

  • FREE ($1 registration fee) SAYF training valued at $499 (plus 20 CE hrs!) with YSSPA registration.

  • 2 educational manuals (Pose Manual & Joint Action Manual) that you can use in your teacher trainings or trainings with your instructors.

  • 40% SAYF Training discount for all YSSPA Member instructors and trainees.

  • 20 CE hours now and in the future through optional renewal for every SAYF Learner (a more budget- and time resource-friendly option!)

  • Discounted personal liability insurance for all SAYF Learners.

  • If you do not choose to register your YTT with Yoga Alliance, your graduated trainees/instructors can use the “SAYF” credential behind their name as an RYT alternative.

  • Coming Later: SAYF Summits for yourself and your teachers to enjoy together featuring some of the most experienced, talented, wise, educated, inspiring, devoted and innovative yoga educators available today.




SAYF is a YSSPA sponsor which allows our membership and benefits to be SO affordable and accessible. SAYF Education benefits are optional for any YSSPA members.


If you would like to offer the educational benefits of SAYF to your trainees, students, and teachers, keep scrolling down to learn more, or just email and set up a time to talk to Stephanie about how she utilizes the SAYF program as both a Studio Owner and YTT School Director.


If you are not interested in SAYF education, you can simply enjoy the professional benefits of YSSPA thanks to the sponsorship of SAYF!

YSSPA Founder

Stephanie Adams Ruff

Stephanie celebrated 20 years of successful studio ownership in 2023. Before she began teaching, training, and leading in the yoga community full-time, she was on the national board for LAMA (Legal Assistant Manager's Association) and really appreciated the camaraderie and support of a well-organized professional association. Stephanie has presented at Conferences for IHRSA, NIRSA, Spinning, IDEA & More. She created and organized True Nature Yoga Festival prior to Covid. 


Stephanie Adams Ruff, is a long time yoga teacher and movement educator with 30 years of experience as a studio owner, teacher trainer, movement educator, orthopedic exercise specialist, cancer exercise specialist, ACE-Certified personal trainer, Mindbody Academy Fitness & Nutrition Consultant, and yoga practitioner and teacher. ERYT500, YACEP, ACE, CES, SAYF

Our Commitment

YSSPA Advisory Board is currently building our vision and mission statements.


Want to be involved? 

Send Stephanie an email at

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