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Who We Are

SAYF, Sustainable Asana Yoga Foundation, was formed to unite the yoga community around making yoga asana more accessible and, therefore, sustainable for everyone. We are a collective of teachers, teacher trainers, movement experts, health practitioners, researchers, and passionate yogis and yoginis who are inspired to share our findings with you. 

Yoga Group

SAYF Advisory Board

SAYF Advisory Board

SAYF Founder

Stephanie Adams

Stephanie Adams Ruff, is a long time yoga teacher and movement educator with 30 years of experience as a studio owner, teacher trainer, movement educator, orthopedic exercise specialist, cancer exercise specialist, ACE-Certified personal trainer, Mindbody Academy Fitness & Nutrition Consultant, and yoga practitioner and teacher.


Yoga healed the trauma of her childhood and she is passionate about making the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga accessible to every body. 

Our Commitment

Woman learning yoga online

Sustainable Asana Yoga Foundation (SAYF) was born from decades of experience, practice, and purpose! This program was created to reduce the likelihood of asana injury, as there is an unmet need for greater understanding of human movement mechanics in the yoga community. Research is limited, tradition is diverse, and experience varies.

There are so many opinions and contradictions on how to approach yoga-asana that it can be confusing for even an experienced, educated, and well-intentioned teacher or practitioner. SAYF is both simple and comprehensive. There are some amazing trainers and teachers who are now offering movement mechanics education, and, for that, we are so grateful. SAYF can support even those programs, as an affordable and easily accessible option.

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