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YSSPA: Yoga Studios & Schools Professional Association

November 16, 2023 by Stephanie Adams Ruff Exciting Announcement: SAYF Sponsors Formation of YSSPA

SAYF Community,  First, thank you for being one of the first to support Sustainable Asana Yoga Foundation (SAYF). We hope you are doing very well, and that SAYF has become a great tool for supporting your practice, teaching, and/or studio/school. 

We wanted to let you know about something NEW we are working on with other Studio and School Leaders around the country. SAYF is sponsoring the creation of a professional association by and for Yoga Studio Owners and Schools called: YSSPA: Yoga Studio & Schools Professional Association. If you know someone who would be benefit, please feel free to forward this email to them!

For some of us leaders who came from other careers, we miss not having a professional association to build more in-person camaraderie and community with (in my previous role in a law firm, I was on the board of a professional association group and experienced first-hand the benefits. I truly appreciate now how much it both supported and elevated each of our success in our profession). 

YSSPA: Yoga Studio and Schools Professional Association will be an organization run by and for yoga studio owners/schools that really supports and rewards the work we do. AND that is affordable and focused on peer support. I, also, have to say the idea of getting away once a year with peers to support each other’s work really appealing. We deserve support, too! Our plan is to partner with sponsors, vendors, and speakers to make some really great education, inspiration, and self-care available to us while, also, focusing on elevating the success of our communities, as well.  

For the first 100 Founding YSSPA members, we are each investing just $98, and no renewals! Some of you Studios & Schools have already invested $98 and our now automatically YSSPA members! Once we have the first 100 YSSPA Members, the one-time fee will go up to $198 to more truly reflect the administrative investment SAYF has made. AND with the sponsorship of SAYF, YSSPA members also have optional access to thousands of dollars worth of benefits for that one-time fee…but more than that…the benefits of commUNITY! I have wanted to create something like this for years, but the expense and time it takes to start up a non-profit are a huge deterrent. So, for ease and economy, SAYF is sponsoring the creation of YSSPA (Yoga Studio & School Professional Association). 

Finally, if you own a yoga studio or run a yoga teacher training program, and would like to be a leader in YSSPA from the ground up, we'd love to have you apply to be a YSSPA Advisory Board Member.

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